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  • Development

    • Basic technology
      future technology

    • .
    • material development

    • .
    • medical device development

  • Customizing Step

    • Request for development
    • product planning/planning
    • product development and design
    • mold making
    • prototype production
    • quality inspection
    • sample delivery
    • finished product production/finished product evaluation

  • Key Development Continuation

    • Participate in the project to develop syringes with anti-reuse caps to secure safety
    • develop handle for syringes
    • develop needle reusing caps
    • and develop rod for syringes
    • Development of 2-speed Finger Grip Holder for each needle model
    • development of syringe cap with anti-reuse structure
    • development of syringe cap with anti-slip fastening structure
    • development of cap for syringe
    • Development of a syringe
    • and development of an auxiliary handshake for a syringe
    • Participation in the project of developing a multi-purpose medical Luer lock integral prefilled glass injection machine
    • development of automatic injection device for filler
    • development of packing for syringe cap
    • development of auxiliary cap for syringe
    • development of cap for syringe
    • Participating in the project task of developing an integral glass prefilled syringe for preventing high viscosity leakage
    • developing an ophthalmic needle-sealed packaging case
    • developing in vivo medical sill insertion device with injection needle safety tightening structure
    • developing packing for syringe caps
    • and developing syringe caps
    • Development of an integral syringe with an anti-unlock opening and closing cap structure
    • development of an integral syringe with a blood leak protection structure
    • development of a single sealed needle storage case
    • development of needle-storage case
    • development of suture needle fastener
    • development of medical suture
    • Developing a collection tool for bone marrow stem cell concentrate
    • developing finishing caps for syringes with anti-freezing structure
    • developing double compound syringes with powder and liquid drug
    • developing collecting tools for separating plasma concentrated in blood
    • developing needle storage cases
    • and developing packaging cases for injection products
    • Development of syringe-type centrifugal tubes for centrifugation
    • development of disposable syringes for livestock and animals
    • development of prefabricated auxiliary handles for syringes
    • development of thread insertion devices for anti-wrinkle molding
    • development of cylinders for syringes with double structure
    • Developing a set of injection tools for plasma
    • developing a gun for animals with selectable capacity
    • developing a main centrifuge separator
    • developing a piston for syringes
    • developing a double drug mix syringe
    • and developing an auxiliary handle for syringes
    • double syringe development
    • Participation in the project project project for the pre-field syringe development of Dual Chamber Type
    • the development of syringe with open/close valve of suction and discharge function
    • the development of drug mixer for syringe
    • and the development of needle storage case
    • Development of a mixed drug discharge device
    • development of removable connection connections for syringes
    • development of finishing caps for syringes
    • development of handgrips for syringes
    • development of barrel caps for syringes
    • development of barrel caps for centrifuge centrifuges
    • development of union connectors for syringe collection