Poonglim Pharmatech produces 10 million corona bag credit syringes per month
2021.03.19 11:29

[Sports Korea reporter Min-wook Cho] Ahead of the Corona 19 vaccination, small and medium-sized medical devices in Korea will begin mass production of vaccine syringes from next month.


The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced on the 19th that Poonglim Pharmatech has established a smart factory mass production system that can produce more than 10 million syringes for Corona 19 vaccines applied with LDS technology.


With a regular syringe, you can inject up to 5 doses per bottle of Corona 19 vaccine, but with a Poonglim Pharmatech syringe, you can inject more than 6 times per bottle.


The Mid-term Ministry said, "The Poonglim Pharmatech syringe significantly reduces the loss of the remaining amount of injection, and if this syringe is used, it has the effect of increasing the production of Corona 19 vaccine by an additional 20%.

Poonglim Pharmatech's vaccine syringe was approved for use in Korea from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on the 6th, and the safety guard and needle, which must be equipped to prevent the spread of infection during the injection process, respectively. The day before, a request for approval for emergency use of syringes was submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and approval is expected to be decided at the end of this month.


Meanwhile, it is known that Samsung Electronics has invested 30 experts in its own to support Poonglim Pharmatech's production system.


Samsung Electronics is supporting the establishment of a win-win smart factory for small and medium-sized businesses together with the Mid-term Ministry. Through this support, the smart factory production line was completed, from the production of prototypes to the construction of mass production facilities within one month.


Poonglim Pharmatech completed the production of prototype molds and prototypes through Samsung Electronics' Gumi-Gwangju partner factories within 4 days of the year-end holiday period.