CEO Greeting

POONGLIM Pharmatech, a medical device manufacturer


Promises for a Healthy Life and Happiness

We welcome you to the website of POONGLIM Pharmatech, which practices customer satisfaction with sincerity and faith.

POONGLIM Pharmatech is a medical device manufacturer that manufactures and supplies medical devices and related products for use in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies such as syringes, needles, and vials. With sincerity and faith, we will always be satisfied with our customers and strive to provide only high-quality products.

In addition, we will develop and apply new technologies to become a competitive company, and we will do our best to supply the best products in the world market by establishing a quality management system that takes priority on human dignity.


Bussiness Ethics


POONGLIM Pharmatech is a manufacturing, production, and that importers of medical devices used in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and various glass syringes and vials. As a company that values ​​human dignity, it has a thorough quality control system in accordance with the FDA and Korea Food and Drug Administration GMP Line standards. We will build and be a company that supplies the best products that you can always trust.

  • We promise to you

    To always satisfy customers with excellent products We at Poonglim Pharmatech is a continuous investment in R & D and product innovation We will create customer value with all our passion.

  • Korean company expanding to the world

    Poonglim Pharmatech is a medical device company with global competitiveness. To be creative with constant development and effort to establish itself Responding to the rapidly changing environment through the establishment of an open corporate culture We are striving to become a global company.

  • A company that respects and shares humans

    As a company that values society and environment We are actively practicing sharing management.


Our History

Let me introduce you to Poonglim Pharmatech walking path.​​

  • Major award-winning experience (President)

    - 2010. September [No. 84768] Receives commendation from the Minister of Knowledge Economy
    - 2013. [No. 10850] Receives commendation for Small and Medium Business Administration Directorate
    - 2015. [No. 1156 ] Gunsan Market Award
    ​- 2017. 03 [No. 2017-0145] Winning the citation of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Major award-winning experience (Vice President)

    - 2015. [No. 113684] Receives commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • 2021

    • 06Certified as GMP for Saemangeum Factory
      (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
    • 03LDV(Low Dead Volume) Vaccine Syringe, Needle FDA·CE certified
    • 02Saemangeum Factory ISO 13485:2016 certification
      POONGLIM Pharmatech Vaccine Syringe Development
      Team Selected as 'Korean New Deal of the Month'
  • 2020

    • 07POONGLIM Pharmatech Mask Launch,
    • 03Saemangeum Factory new construction
  • 2018

    • 07Certified as a leading company in Jeollabuk-do)
    • 06FDA certified (Sterilized Disposable Needle)